1STOP multipurpose acoustic and fire cavity barrier slab

4th Thu, 2016

Siderise 1STOP multipurpose acoustic and fire cavity barrier slab now available at NDI

SIDERISE 1STOP image for article January 2016The Siderise Group have released a new set of sales documentation and trade counter materials to re-launch their 1STOP multipurpose acoustic and  fire cavity barrier  slab and accessories. The pocket-sized trade counter leaflet includes key technical and application information for 1STOP. For ease of on-site reference more detailed installation, safety data and handling information is available via a smart phone scan of the printed QR code references in the leaflet.

1STOP is a unique, one size (1200 x 600 x 90mm), foil-faced, multipurpose stone wool insulation slab. It has four key applications as an acoustic and fire cavity barrier – suspended ceiling voids, raised floor voids, tops of walls and profiled metal deck corrugations.  It is a Class A1 material and will provide 60 minutes insulation and integrity fire protection in each application. It also provides acoustic performance of 23dB Rw and up to 50dB Dncw/Dnfw in ceiling and raised floor void applications.

In ceiling void and raised floor void applications, 1STOP is used to subdivide concealed spaces, and when installed directly above or below a partition, to maintain fire compartmentation and room-to-room acoustic control.SIDERISE company logo January 2016

In tops of walls and profiled deck applications, 1STOP is used to prevent the rapid spread of flames, gases and smoke at the top of compartment walls.

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